Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Etsy Featured Artist - buzzy1969

Buzz's jewelry has a tribal flavor to it, for the most part, which is what really attracted me to his work. I have the priviledge of owning a few of his items, which are very well made. Some of his pieces harken back to the 60's, while others have a Native American flair. He also integrates flavors of celtic, and eastern jewelry, and even some victorian. His prices are definitely a bargain for the quality you receive. These pieces are made to withstand "my bluecollar life" as Buzz puts it.

OLD WORK TURQUOISE AND BLACK BRACELET is a piece Buzz did in 1996. Made with turquoise and black glass "E" beads, it's definitely after the Native American style.

NANTUCKET SLEIGHRIDE NECKLACE features a humpback whale pendant on goatskin which Buzz has knotted nicely. It also has engraved bone beads which, to me, give it a Northwestern tribal flair. Very nice.

BLACK VICTORIAN NECKLACE AND EARRINGS is a delicate piece, featuring a beautiful flower pewter pendant, laced with faceted jet beads, and swarovski crystals.

You can find Buzz's etsy shop here.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist - cuddlebaby

Visiting Shannon's etsy shop almost made me want to have another baby, just to be able to wrap him/her in one of her big, soft, colorful blankets. If you're frustrated with trying to swaddle your baby with those tiny, store-bought blankets, consider purchasing one from cuddlebaby instead. You can even buy matching onesies for most of the blankets, and there are a few matched sets to make it even easier for you. Shannon also has handmade dresses for the toddler set, as well as skirt and onesie sets for your infant. Pacifier clips and burpies round out the items she offers in her shop, but her selection of blankets is amazing. She has several styles, including a nursing blanket that has a weighted attachment on one corner to keep it from falling off while nursing baby. Very useful! You really have to go to her shop (link below) to see her large selection.

"Flowers and Bees Dress/Shirt Sizes 2T-4T" is absolutely adorable! This would make a great gift for the older sister at a baby shower.
"Sea Turtles and Flowers Reversible Blanket" is a bright, cozy reversible blanket with cute sea turtle print on one side and flowers on the other. There is also a matching onesie available.
"Going Bananas Blanket and Onesie Gift Set" has a bright and cheery print with monkeys. Sure to make you smile on even those most hectic days.

cuddlebaby etsy shop
cuddlebaby blog

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist - entyqua

Becki is a stay-at-home mom from Salt Lake City. Yay SAHMs! She enjoys doing all sorts of crafts, and has recently opened a second etsy shop to accomodated her planned additions to her crafting repertoire. etyqua, Becki's first shop, features jewelry for the most part. Her other shop, delightful deceits, has original art and prints from them, as well as cards and her decorated wood jewelry boxes.

"Truth and Light" is lovingly crafted with turquoise-colored faceted glass beads, frosted glass bells, copper accents and copper wire. Very pretty!
"Patch pony tail Series Lilac - 1" is a jazzed-up ponytail holder. Will dress up your hair nicely.
"Vintage Hearts Mini Box" is from Becki's newest shop, delightfuldeceits. Hand painted and appliqued, it would make a nice gift box for a special piece of jewelry (perhaps from entyqua?).

entyqua etsy shop
delightfuldeceits etsy shop
becki's blog

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist - Yaslani

Step into Yasmin's etsy shop and the first thing that hits you is... COLOR!! It is lively, vibrant, HAPPY with color! This Jersey girl, who moved to LA, and back again, picking up an education in Fine Art -Painting at Otis Art Institute, has got to be a very good-natured person, judging from her art. She says of her art, "I consider my art to be an aesthetic conversation. A lovely chat between friends sometimes relaying a story or an inside joke. The only judgement I make with my art is “am I feeling this or not.” The “not” pile gets recycled for another day." A very lighthearted view, which is reflected in the lighthearted scenes she sometimes depicts in her artwork.
Take "Nightwalk - 4x4 Canvas" for instance. Doesn't it just make you smile? This is one of several in a series depicting different animals - or sometimes the same animal - in various scenes and colors.
"Butterflies - 3 Pendants for the price of 2" is one of many sets of bamboo pendants that Yasmin makes. The subject matter varies greatly, so you're sure to find something you like.

"Bette Davis Eyes" is a small canvas with a big star! This painting, done in acrylics, is on 3/4" thick gallery wrapped canvas. A beautifully done piece of art in miniature. This can also be ordered in other colors, and she can also do a portrait using your own photo. Click on the picture to go to the listing, where you'll find more information about these options.

To check out more of Yasmin's cool creations go to her etsy shop, or her blog to find out more about the artist herself.

Yaslani's etsy shop

Yaslani's blog

Friday, March 28, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist - Kala

Karen Jinks, etsy shopkeeper of Kala.etsy, chalkhillstudio.etsy, and co-"keeper" of upwiththelark.etsy, is from Cambridge, UK. Not only does she make and sell her beautiful items on etsy, she also has a website she sells from, and is a mother of two. Busy lady!! She does wonderful illustrations, mini-collages, and photography, among other crafts and arts. She says, "I love to create and have trouble deciding what to do so I usually end up trying to a bit of everything from painting to jewellery making and crochet." These items are from her Kala.etsy shop, but do check out her other shops for a wide variety of items. Her hand-stitched books are so beautiful! They seem to be very popular too, as there was only one available at the time I looked through her shops, but her feedback has lots of great comments on how nice the ones she's sold are.

"Dance Notecard" is so full of life from this watercolor of a little girl dancing.
"A Rose is a Rose - 8 x 10 print" shows the natural beauty of these roses well.
"Track mini collage" takes me to my hikes. So calming and peaceful.

Kala etsy shop
Up With the Lark etsy shop
Chalk Hill Studio etsy shop
Karen's blog

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist - Tiffany Teske

Accomplished artist Tiffany Teske has made Banff, Alberta, Canada her home - for now. She has lived in many places, including a small town in Maine, Carrabassett Valley, population 200. She settled in there for 5 years, commuting 1.5 hours each way, 2-3 times a week to Augusta's University of Maine to earn her Associate of Art degree in Photography, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts Joint BA in Art and Photography as well. You really need to read her Profile on and check out her website to learn about this busy lady and her interesting life. The links are listed at the end of this feature.
Tiffany uses different processes to get a unique "feel" to her prints. She describes these processes in the description of the item. This, "The Cold Heart of the Sun", is what she calls an Original Polaroid Emulsion Lift. She has "lifted" the image onto handmade paper, which she also used to mat it.
"Lilac Dream - SALE - 4x6 Fine Art Photograph on 5x7 Card" is worthy of being framed and displayed, but at a greeting card price it's a great deal!
Tiffany makes bamboo pendants featuring her artwork photography, or even one of your own images.

Tiffany Teske etsy shop
Tiffany Teske website

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Etsy Featured Artist - Art 2 the Extreme

Nicole Hanley, of Indianapolis, Indiana, says, "I am an elementary art teacher from Indianapolis, Indiana. I graduated from college with a Visual Arts Education degree and a Ceramics concentration. " She has also traveled to England, Scotland, and Mexico, and even lived in Italy for a bit to study art there.
She is presently putting together a book of Artist Trading Cards from other artists and her students. You can pre-order this cool-looking book in her etsy shop.
Nicole's etsy shop banner says, "Something for Everyone". Her shop collection is pretty eclectic and immense, so you are sure to find something for yourself, and your loved-ones - all of them! Check these out.

For the jazz-lover "Night On The Town-Black and Blue Original Print" will fill the bill nicely. This is a print of one of Nicole's block-prints. Inspired by a trip to New Orleans.
Love llamas? Or know someone who does? "Llama Lover Shirt-CUSTOM MEN AND WOMENS COLORS AND SIZES" is just what you've been looking for! A unique and original work of art. No one else on the block will have the same shirt (unless they shop etsy and love llamas too). As the title says, this shirt is available in lots of colors and sizes.
"Puff and Pip the Penguin" would cheer up any child - or adult for that matter. Cute set of momma and baby penguins are made for hugging. There is plenty more in her children's section too. You really need to go have a look.

art2theextreme etsy shop
art2theextreme blog
"create, collect, trade" book blog